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Meet the People of Verifone

They’re one of our greatest strengths. As the payment and commerce landscape grows increasingly complex, the people of Verifone are partnering with our clients to solve payment challenges and navigate new commerce opportunities. Take a moment to see for yourself how our dedicated teams help our clients around the world grow their businesses as we build a stronger Verifone.

About Verifone

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Verifone is the leader in providing trusted, secure and innovative payment terminals, global payment as a service, and commerce enablement solutions that create more valuable experiences and rich interactions between consumers and merchants. The company's products and services include mobile, countertop and self-service payment devices, software, and web-based gateways. With 5,300 employees worldwide, and partnerships with local distributors, Verifone is able to deliver innovative payment solutions in 150 countries and across vertical markets.


1980-1984 Highlights & Important Events

  • Verifone founded and incorporated in Hawaii on April 14, 1981.
  • Verifone launches its first product - Veri-Fone (standing for VERIFication telephONE). Performed check verification and credit authorization. The Veri-Fone device was one of first terminals designed to replace voice authorization with electronic authorization of credit card transactions. First order received for 200 Veri-Fones from Tymshare.
  • The first Verifone office opens in downtown Honolulu, HI in 1982.

1985-1989 Highlights & Important Events

  • Verifone starts its Verifone International Partner (VIP) program in 1988, helping international partners develop and market system solutions to Verifone customers around the globe.
  • Verifone ships its 1 millionth system in 1989.
  • The Wall Street Journal touts Verifone as one of 56 "Corporate Stars of the Future."
  • Verifone hosts the first industry-wide conference on Transaction Automation.

1990-1994 Highlights & Important Events

  • In 1990, Verifone goes public, opening on the NASDAQ stock exchange.
  • Verifone is featured in Forbes Magazines as one of America's 200 Best Small Companies in 1991. The company is also featured in 1992 and 1995.
  • Verifone introduces the first smart card reader.
  • Verifone expands service offerings with Verifone Finance in 1994.

1995-1999 Highlights & Important Event

  • In 1995, Verifone moves from the NASDAQ to the New York Stock Exchange, listed as VFI.
  • In 1996, the company enters its 100th country, makes its debut on the World Wide Web and introduces a suite of Internet commerce products for consumers, merchants and processors.
  • In 1997, Verifone is acquired by Hewlett-Packard and is recognized by the Computerworld Smithsonian Awards for its visionary use of information technology in the field of Business and Related Services.

2000-2004 Highlights & Important Events

  • Verifone, Inc. is acquired by Gores Technology Group in 2001.
  • Verifone and McAfee develop the first POS payment terminal virus protection solution in 2004.
  • Verifone plays a crucial role in shift of food stamp benefits from a paper system to an electronic program.
  • Verifone expands dominance in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market with IP-enabled payment solutions.
  • Verifone expands global presence by opening regional headquarters in the Philippines.

2005-2009 Highlights & Important Events

  • Verifone Holdings Inc. holds its IPO, listing on the New York Stock Exchange with ticker symbol PAY in 2005.
  • Verifone opens an international headquarters in Singapore in 2006.
  • Verifone targets Latin America integrated systems growth with new regional integrated systems organization in 2008.
  • In 2009, PAYware Mobile for iPhone launched, allowing for secure mobile transactions.

2010-NOW Highlights & Important Events

  • Verifone Holdings changes its name to Verifone Systems, Inc.
  • PAYware Mobile Enterprise wins prestigious SESAMES awards at CARTES, Paris.
  • Verifone and Google partner to power NFC-based mobile payments.
  • In 2012, Verifone jumpstarts merchant EMV migration.
  • Verifone extends convenience store digital media reach with LIFT Retail acquisition.
  • Verifone ranked as a Top 10 payment innovator by the Payments Innovation Index (Pii360) on March 20, 2015