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Payment Security Media Kit

At Verifone, payment security is tightly integrated into every part of our business. We don't just conform to payment industry security standards. We're at the forefront of electronic payment security, creating policies and guidelines that protect vital cardholder and transaction data against theft and misuse. October 14, 2015

Educational Resources

EMV Liability Shift
Understanding EMV and how it benefits you. What you need to know and do after Oct 1, 2015.

Secure Payments: A Multi-Pronged Approach
With the pressure being put upon merchants these days to become “EMVcompliant”, it may be confusing for many as to why they must do so and, indeed, what EMV actually is. There is also the misconception that EMV alone guarantees payment security when, in fact, EMV is simply one component of a secure solution.
Each year, major retailers face numerous security attacks and data breaches. Over 600 data breaches were reported in 2012 alone. Learn the risks, how threats are being carried out and what you can do to keep your business and your data, safe and secure.


Your Old Credit Card’s Now Obsolete. Now What?
This overdue migration from cards with magnetic stripes on the back to “EMV” cards that add a tiny computer chip on the front reached a semi-important point Thursday: the “liability shift,” a rebalancing of powers between card issuers and merchants in the U.S. that may change who eats the cost of a bogus transaction.

What Happened to My Credit Card
Verifone CTO Alok Bhanot explains new chip technology.

OKQ8 to Implement Verifone’s Payment as a Service Offering
One of Sweden's largest oil companies OKQ8 has signed a new contract with Verifone for a payment solution that will make card payments quicker as well as safer. Over 2,000 POS terminals will now be installed at gas stations across Sweden.