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Verifone’s Omni 7100MPD Payment Terminal Debuts At MARKETECHNICS 2004 In San Francisco

Verifone introduced its newest signature capture-based payment terminal, the Omni 7100MPD, or modular payment device. February 29, 2004 Santa Clara, CA

Modularity, Ethernet, and Industry’s Brightest ¼ VGA Touch Screen At The Heart Of Verifone’s Latest Offering for Multi-Lane Retailers

Santa Clara, Ca - February 29, 2004 - Verifone, Inc., the world's leading provider of payment solutions, today officially announced the introduction of its newest signature capture-based payment terminal, the Omni 7100MPD. The Omni 7100MPD, or modular payment device, delivers flexibility to configure the terminal at the factory or in the field. With its ‘swap in & out’ design; different modules can be added to the base product at anytime to expand the base capabilities with Ethernet/USB, EMV Smart Card, and RFID.

" Multi lane retailers and wholesalers see the wisdom behind the purchase decision of the Omni 7100MPD,” said Scott Tubbs, retail director for Verifone. “The decision to use Verifone’s Omni 7100MPD future proofs the retailers payment solution investment, and ensures current and future payment needs of the retailer can be met by this same terminal.”

Other features of Verifone’s Omni 7100MPD include a backlit 1/4 VGA touch screen. The large customer interface utilizes a capacitive touch technology unique to the payments industry, accepting finger or stylus input for processing credit, debit, EBT, loyalty, or gift transactions. This technology is truly groundbreaking, eliminating cost and reliability issues associated with current designs.

The large screen of the 7100MPD opens the door for retailers to effectively communicate with their customers by supporting the use of scrolling line items, disclosure statements, company logos, and even animations. Additionally, the Omni 7100MPD employs the brightest backlit screen in the industry, allowing for easy reading in harsh fluorescent lights or in direct natural sunlight.

Extending Verifone's industry leadership in secure payment solutions, the Omni 7100MPD not only supports 3DES Master Session, 3DES DUKPT and signature based biometrics; it was the first ¼ VGA product with a ‘virtual pin pad’ to meet Visa PED certifications. In addition, the Omni 7100MPD shares the same proven, modular architecture as the Omni 7000MPD, providing a scalable -- and fully compatible -- family of secure products for multilane retailers to choose from. Importantly, the entire Omni 7000 family of products and field swap-able modules has been specifically designed to provide a simple and cost effective upgrade path for the over 1 million terminal install base of older generation Verifone multi-lane POS terminals. This will allow retailers to take advantage of advanced features without re-engineering their entire POS and back-office infrastructure.

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