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Verifone Value-Added Partners Showcase 8 New Ways ISOs Can Generate Revenue, Increase Efficiencies

Members of Verifone's Value-added Partner (VAP) Program will showcase 8 new value-added applications at ETA that ISOs and merchants can use at the point of sale to generate new sources of revenue, attract new customers, increase operational efficiencies and address new markets. April 20, 2004 Las Vegas, NV

Class A Certified and Market Ready, these Bundled Solutions Address New Markets and Extend the Value of a POS Investment

Las Vegas, NV - April 20, 2004 - Verifone, Inc., the world's leading provider of payment solutions, today announced that members of its Value-added Partner (VAP) Program will showcase 8 new value-added applications at the Electronic Transactions Association Annual Meeting and Exposition that ISOs and merchants can use at the point of sale to generate new sources of revenue, attract new customers, increase operational efficiencies and address new markets.

The value-added solutions, which are now available to help ISOs and processors penetrate the mom and pop restaurant and retail market segments as well as Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), medical and convenience-store markets, will be one of Verifone’s main attractions at the ETA event, which is being held April 20-22 in Las Vegas, NV (booths 404 & 405).

“Being an industry leader is about looking for the next innovation, the next market opportunity –and then delivering it in such a way that the market can quickly and easily put it to use. Over the past year Verifone has extended our lead in the value-added application space by creating a much broader range of choices for ISOs and merchants who want to use multi-app to empower the point of sale,” said Jesse Adams, executive vice president of North America sales at Verifone, Inc. “These new value-added solution bundles help ISOs and their merchant customers differentiate themselves from their competition.”

The Verifone Storefronts exhibit at the show will feature value-added solutions from the following providers. Each of these solutions is Class A Certified and consists of an application bundled with Verifone’s Omni 3750 terminal, which is specifically designed to securely support multiple applications on one device.

Bill Payment

  • Western Union

Prepaid Bank Card

  • Western Union
  • SnapPay by PRE Solutions
  • PrivaCash by Everything Prepaid

Healthcare Eligibility

  • Insurance Benefit SpotCheck

Money Transfer

  • Western Union
  • RapidMoney

Employee Criminal Prescreening

  • Automated Verification Systems (AVS)

Gift Card

  • TenderCard
  • DataMark

Check Authorization and Conversion

  • Secure Payment Systems
  • Certegy

Bill Payment attracts new customers, increases foot traffic and strengthens customer loyalty by allowing customers to pay their bills right where they shop. In addition, ISOs and merchants both earn revenue for each payment a merchant accepts on behalf of a service provider. For these reasons, offering bill payment is an effective way for ISOs improve merchant retention.

Prepaid bankcard allows ISOs and merchants to reach the unbanked consumer market. It also serves as an effective option to proprietary retail gift cards. Merchants and ISOs earn revenue each time a prepaid bankcard is sold, and each time a card they sell is used –even at other stores.

The new healthcare eligibility value-added application can open doors for ISOs trying to penetrate businesses in the healthcare market. Dentist and doctor offices, hospitals and billing firms are just a few of the businesses that can use healthcare eligibility at the point of sale to quickly determine if a patient is eligible for a specific service.

Money Transfer is another growth opportunity for merchants and ISOs looking to expand the services they can offer customers. Also known as Card Remittance, it is one of today’s fastest growing opportunities in the petroleum/c-store and general retail markets.

ISOs can use the employee criminal prescreening application to target QSR and convenience store merchants, which have extremely high employee turnover rates. The value-added application provides these businesses with a fast, low cost way to check an applicant’s criminal background using the point of sale terminal, helping merchants reduce their risk when hiring new employees and increasing the value of their point of sale investment.

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Verifone, Inc., recognized worldwide as the trusted leader in secure electronic payment technologies, provides expertise, solutions and services for today with a smart migration strategy for tomorrow. Verifone is leading the industry in the delivery of solutions that add value to the point of sale, resulting in improved merchant retention and the generation of new sources of revenue for its partners and customers. Verifone solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of vertical markets including financial, retail, petroleum, government and healthcare. Verifone has shipped over eleven million electronic-payment systems.