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Verifone’s MX870 Brings Multi-Media to Multi-Lane Payments

Full-motion Video, Vivid Color and Digital Sound Push Store Branding, Promotion and Advertising to the Checkout Counter May 24, 2005 Chicago, IL

(NATIONAL RETAIL SYSTEMS 2005, BOOTH #1519) Verifone Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PAY) today announced the MX870, a new secure payment solution for multi-lane retailers that combines full-motion video, a vibrant 65,536 -color display, high-quality digital stereo sound and a modular upgrade architecture to deliver unprecedented branding, promotion and advertising opportunities at the Point of Sale.

A smart and sophisticated customer-facing payment solution, the MX870 is a secure payment device and multimedia delivery platform in a single networking appliance. Retailers will be able to use their card payment systems to create brand awareness, reinforce advertising, or deliver cross-promotions with video, animations, and targeted messages. Eye catching animations, video, coupled with digital sound effectively grab the attention of shoppers to communicate messages and speed them through the lane.

“Consumers are accustomed to high quality color presentation and the MX870 is a highly secure payment solution that allows multi-lane retailers to deliver compelling branding, promotions and campaigns that positively reflect their brands,” said Bud Waller, Verifone executive vice president, Integrated Systems. “Verifone delivers all of that in a durable, rugged and modular system that protects the investment retailers make today with the ability to add to and revise their configurations in the field to meet tomorrow’s needs.”

The MX870 projects a high-quality image on a ¼-VGA screen that is enhanced with available custom-branded face plates and features the smallest footprint available to conserve counter space. The MX870 enables consumers to pay their way with time-tested magnetic-stripe and touch technology as well as contactless RFID and EMV smart card payment cards, all meeting the industry’s latest security standards. With the highest read rate in the industry, wear-resistant touchscreen and modular design to accommodate future enhancements, the MX870 features the best total cost of ownership in the industry.

Retailers can manage MX870 with Visual Payments, Verifone’s suite of solutions for effectively managing a network of payment device assets with web based tools for signature capture and content management. Signature Solutions implements electronic signature capture and includes a web-based user interface for retrieving signature transaction files, optional reporting and auditing of disputes, and an automated dispute resolution process to speed chargeback investigations. The web-based Content Management interface allows retailers to easily manage an entire network of devices on a regional, store-level, and lane-by-lane basis, including the ability to push multimedia content from a remote management site directly to the POS device – and directly to the consumer.

Factory-installed options for the MX870 include smart card support, Ethernet, speakers and memory configuration. Options that can be added after the device is put into use include contactless, signature capture, and customized face plates.

The MX870 leverages a fast 32-bit ARM9 processor and a secure, Linux-based operating system and comes with 16 MB of SDRAM and 32MB of Flash memory, upgradeable to a total of 128 MB for SDRAM and flash memory combined. Incorporating a robust, highly reliable and hardened capacitive glass touch-panel that supports finger and stylus input, the MX870 meets the rigors of the multi-lane environment and supports signature capture solutions.

The MX870 integrates with thousands of existing ECRs and peripherals. In addition to supporting future upgrades with its modular design, the MX870 also works with existing Verifone Omni 7xxx stands and cables.

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