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Verifone Announces Vx 570 Countertop Payment Solution

New Vx Solutions System Features Fast Processing, Maximum Flexibility November 15, 2005 Paris, France
Paris, France - November 15, 2005 - Verifone Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PAY), announced today the Vx 570, a new countertop payment system in the Vx Solutions line that combines faster processing with flexible memory and communications options to meet global market needs for support of debit, credit, EMV and value-added applications via either dial or IP-based enhanced communications.

The Vx 570 provides merchants with maximum flexibility, superior speed and high performance, with optional memory up to three times greater than the industry standard Verifone Omni 3750 to run more and varied applications. It includes a "future-proof" communications module that can be configured initially with a dial or a combination dial-and-Ethernet communications capability and can be swapped at a later date. The Vx 570 also features a white backlit display that dramatically improves readability and a USB port that supports secure Flash Load application downloads in as little as five seconds from an industry standard memory stick; the port also supports secure attachment of various USB-enabled peripherals.

"The Vx 570 is a next generation countertop system that provides a migration path for Omni 3750 users," said Paul Rasori, Verifone vice president of marketing, North America. "Vx Solutions provide seamless backward compatibility so customers can develop, sell and operate our Omni brand systems along-side the newer generation."

The new system provides investment protection to existing Omni 3750 users who can leverage their existing applications while enjoying the added speed and performance benefits of the Vx Solutions platform and the greater flexibility in the number and type of applications they want to operate. Vx 570 supports easy migration of Omni 3750 applications with minimal recertification, providing an easy migration path with greater memory, a faster processor, larger paper roll, enhanced display and the USB port.

The Vx 570 design meets all current requirements for PED devices for secure PIN-based transactions. It utilizes a 200Mhz ARM processor to provide superior speed and performance for supporting value added applications and EMV smart card transactions. The Vx 570 will be in production prior to the end of calendar year 2005.

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