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Verifone Introduces MX870 In EMEA For Value-Added Applications

Interactive Multimedia Platform Offers Unprecedented Branding, Promotion and Advertising Opportunities November 01, 2005 London, UK
London - November 01, 2005 - Verifone Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PAY) today announced that the MX870 is being introduced in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market, enabling retailers in the region to take advantage of sophisticated multimedia delivery and powerful branding capabilities for a variety of value-added applications. The MX870 combines full-motion video, a vibrant 65,536-colour display, and high quality digital sound to deliver unprecedented digital signage opportunities for branding, promotion and advertising at the Point of Sale.

The MX870 combines a secure payment solution and multimedia delivery platform in a single networking appliance. Through this versatile, touch-screen communication device retailers can create brand awareness, reinforce advertising campaigns and slogans, and deliver cross-promotions. Offering eye-catching animations, video streaming and screensavers, coupled with digital sound, the MX870 grabs the attention of shoppers to communicate highly targeted and dynamic messages, and presents a potentially lucrative revenue-generation model for retailers through the ability to host advertising from third parties.

With support for magnetic stripe and smart card acceptance, the modular MX870 also provides the ideal platform for a variety of value-added applications and services. The MX870 can be deployed as an information point to provide identification and validation for the administration of loyalty schemes (including points calculation and voucher generation), in gift card issuance, and to support electronic top-up and other pre-paid card services. The signature capture application can be leveraged for markets such as car rental and hospitality, while integral PIN-based security opens up possibilities for a host of identity and secure access applications.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Nigel Bidmead, Managing Director for Verifone EMEA said, “The MX870 is the first of a new generation of integrated, multimedia devices that will revolutionise the customer experience at the point of sale. Through this powerful new tool, retailers in EMEA can build brand awareness, harness new revenue opportunities and offer more value-added applications – all through a highly sophisticated delivery platform.”

The MX870 projects a high-quality image on a ¼-VGA screen that is enhanced with custom-branded trim plates and features the smallest footprint available to conserve counter space. With the highest read rate in the industry contactless reader, ergonomic stylus, wear-resistant touchscreen and modular design to accommodate future enhancements, the MX870 features the best total cost of ownership in the industry.

The MX870 leverages a fast 32-bit processor and a secure, Linux-based operating system and comes with 32MB of SDRAM and 32MB of Flash memory, upgradeable to a total of 128 MB for SDRAM and flash memory combined. Incorporating a robust, highly reliable and hardened capacitive glass touch-panel that supports finger and stylus input, the MX870 meets the rigors of many environments such as multi-lane.

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