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Verifone Omni 7000LE Extends Multi-Lane Payment Solutions Lineup For Retailers

Payment Leader Expands ‘The Way to Pay’ with Baseline Solution January 17, 2005 New York City, NY

(NRF 2005 Booth #863) Verifone, Inc., the leading provider of payment solutions, today introduced the Omni 7000LE payment system for multi-lane retailers. The Omni 7000LE provides a new entry point into the Omni 7000 line, which along with the Omni 7000MPD and Omni 7100MPD represents the most comprehensive family of consumer facing payment solutions for the retail industry. Verifone provides 'The Way to Pay' in any merchant environment, with trusted consumer-facing solutions that enable merchants to accept the widest range of electronic payment types.

"The Omni 7000LE will be a new workhorse for the multi-lane retail industry,” said Paul Rasori, Verifone vice president of marketing, North America. “Verifone offers a complete family of products for multi-lane retailers and all systems share the same types of cables, stands, power supplies and operating system so that support of and migration between the different models is simple and more cost-effective."

The Omni 7000 family now spans features sets from basic debit and credit acceptance, on up to advanced functions such as signature capture, graphical user interface, RFID contactless acceptance, and high-speed network connectivity.

In addition to sharing common components within the family, those components are compatible with the legacy EverestPlus payment system. That commonality provides existing users with a smooth migration path into the Omni 7000 family as they will be able to swap in new systems with a minimum of disruption and cost. "Large retailers, VARs and developers will find the Omni 7000 family provides the greatest flexibility and convenience to organizations looking to introduce new functionality and to match exact feature requirements to a Verifone solution that is optimized to best fit their needs," Rasori said.

The Omni 7000LE provides a compelling baseline POS solution for multi-lane retailers with an 8-line display, ATM-style keypad, and multiport serial cable interface. It accommodates a complete selection of payment and value-added applications and provides the same stringent security protections as the module Omni 7000MPD and Omni 7100MPD.

Compliant With New California Law

The Omni 7000LE and Omni 7000MPD both offer the same ATM-style tactile keypad, which meets the newly enacted California Financial Code, Section 13082, requiring tactile key pads. The Omni 7100MPD, which features a touch screen interface, can be equipped with an optional keypad to meet the requirements of the new law.

In addition, the Omni 7000MPD has been certified by Interac for use in Canada. The Omni 7000MPD has also been certified in the electronic benefits program (EBT) pilot rollout by the Texas Department of Health's nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) as an interface to the IBM ACE system.

The Omni 7000MPD was an industry-first modular payment POS solution supporting debit, credit, signature capture, smart cards and advanced USB and Ethernet connectivity. It features a smart landscape design, large ATM-style display and an intuitive card reader. Retailers can add the features they need through the use of pop-on field-replaceable modules. The Omni 7100MPD, also modular, features a ¼-VGA screen with a bold, blue, backlit display and signature capture capability.

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