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Verifone 2006 Innovation Leadership Awards Honor Best and Brightest in Advancing Payment Technology

FIMPE, McDonald’s Corp., MICROS and American Express Honored for Changing the Way People Pay December 14, 2006 New York City, NY
NYC, NY - December 14, 2006 - Verifone Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PAY) today announced the winners of the 2006 Innovation Leadership Awards. Presented at the company’s Technology Forum here, the awards honored innovations in the hospitality industry by four organizations that are advancing the evolution of the payments market through faster, more secure payment.

Awards were presented to Mexico’s Fund of Infrastructure of Electronic Payments (FIMPE), McDonald’s Corporation, MICROS Systems, Inc., and American Express.

Verifone Chairman and CEO Douglas G. Bergeron presented the awards. He said, “Each of these exemplary organizations is at the forefront in shaping the dynamic payments market landscape. Their examples of innovative leadership are an inspiration to others in our industry who want to build solutions that will continue to change the way everyone pays.”

FIMPE, a joint venture of 15 Mexican banks, was formed by the Banks Association of Mexico to expand the use of electronic payments in the country. Under the leadership of FIMPE General Director and Coordinator Roberto Isaac Rodríguez, the organization has produced phenomenal results with electronic transactions and total sales volume increasing by 49 percent in 2005 and with continued success in 2006. FIMPE’s vision is laying the groundwork for a fundamental economic advance as Mexico and its banking system moves from a cash-based society to one based on efficient and more effective electronic systems.

McDonald's Corporation franchisees are among the most profitable quick serve restaurant operations in the world and have become so through smart, efficient business practices. McDonald’s has been the trailblazer in the quick-serve restaurant (QSR) market, offering new payment solutions at the point-of-service that enable faster transactions and enhance customer service. The company’s adoption of high-speed IP-enabled systems and contactless payments with "faster than cash" capabilities spurred the entire QSR industry to accelerate the deployment of payment technology at the checkout counter.

MICROS Systems, Inc., is the dominant hospitality POS system provider in the U.S. and istransforming the North American restaurant industry through its integrated pay-at-the-table solution incorporating Verifone’s ON THE SPOT technology. MICROS took the initiative to fight the growing scourge of card skimming in restaurants with pay-at-the-table solutions that ensure security by keeping credit and debit cards in the hands of customers. These systems support the consumer shift to PIN debit, producing tremendous cost savings for restaurant operators and speeding up the checkout process.

American Express has a long tradition of innovation in the payments industry. The company was honored by Verifone for its efforts in Latin America to leverage wireless technology to offer one of the first pay-at-the-table solutions in the region. American Express effectively countered growing card fraud attempts and introduced an innovative marketing campaign to educate restaurants and consumers of the benefits of its new payment system, which increased the rate of electronic transactions.

“Payment technology is changing rapidly around the globe, with consumers experiencing faster payment and new payment options every year. Verifone is extremely pleased to present these awards to these organizations that are models for success,” said Bergeron.

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