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Verifone Announces PCCharge Partner Solution Bundle

Everything Needed to Customize PCs for Any Type of Payment Transaction February 01, 2006 San Jose, CA
San Jose, CA - February 1, 2006 - Verifone Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PAY), today announced PCCharge Partner, a secure, easy to install payment solution that provides all of the hardware, software and services needed to customize a personal computer to run any type of electronic payment transaction.

PCCharge Partner represents a complete solution for merchants who have a PC on their countertop and want to transform it into a fully-functional payment acceptance system from card-swipe to printed receipt. The bundle includes PC-based payment processing software and the PCCharge Partner device with magnetic card swipe, PIN pad and thermal printer in one solution. Also included are a one-year Buyer Protection program covering all repairs, a one-year End User Support program, along with all necessary cables, documentation and device pre-configuration (such as application loading, encryption if required or other activity), packaging and kitting.

"Many merchants with PCs want to be able to utilize them to accept card payments, but are often faced with a bewildering 'mix and match' approach, when all they require is a 'one-stop shop' solution that lets them focus on their business," said Paul Rasori, Verifone vice president of marketing and product management. "Now they can get exactly what they need from ISOs and acquirers offering Verifone solutions."

The compact, all-in-one PCCharge Partner device reduces countertop and cabling clutter. It is simple to use, with a backlit display and intuitive ATM-style interface that minimizes training and reduces errors. PCCharge software utilizes the familiar Windows operating system and works with existing dial-up or high-speed connections. It also securely stores customer payment information in a special database to automatically schedule and manage recurring payments – such as health club dues or rental charges – saving time and effort.

Incorporating the latest security protections to guard against fraud and tampering, the PCCharge Partner solution bundle features a consumer-facing PIN pad with mag-stripe card reader and “hand-over” design that makes it easy to initiate transactions and enter PINs; an integrated thermal printer that prints receipts quickly and quietly; and comprehensive reporting that simplifies account reconciliation and business management.

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