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Verifone Introduces One-Stop Wireless & Broadband Managed Payment Services for Hospitality Industry

Verifone CONNECT Hospitality Packages Speed Up and Simplify Card Payment at All Points of Service: Counter, Table, Carside and Delivery April 18, 2006 Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV - April 18, 2006 - (ETA 2006, Booth #133) – Verifone Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PAY) announced today it is expanding its all-inclusive Verifone CONNECT point-of-sale turnkey services with a comprehensive program for the U.S. hospitality industry.

Four Verifone CONNECT Hospitality packages provide acquirers and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) with the ability to resell all-in-one wireless and broadband payment bundles including set-up, activation, monthly data service, device deployment and management, help desk, billing and advanced merchant-level web-based reporting and management tools.

Verifone CONNECT enables acceptance of card payments at any point of service, including the counter, tableside, at the car and at the customer’s door. Verifone CONNECT, introduced a year ago, has been expanded to provide Wi-Fi and DSL broadband options, in addition to previously announced CDMA and GPRS cellular communications options. Verifone also introduced a Managed Payment Services gateway to provide restaurants with greater convenience and flexibility.

“Verifone CONNECT Hospitality services include everything a restaurant owner needs to speed up payment in any service environment,” said Paul Rasori, vice president of product marketing of Verifone. “Verifone is making it easy for ISOs and acquirers to provide restaurants with a complete array of broadband and wireless solutions that not only speed up the checkout but also offer powerful balancing, settlement and management tools.”

Verifone CONNECT Hospitality service offerings are available in four packages to meet the needs of any restaurant proprietor:
  • CounterPAY– Broadband-based payments that process transactions in less than 2 seconds via DSL-connected solutions that eliminate phone lines.
  • TablePAY– Portable payment solutions that increase table turns and capacity, improve customer service, reduce wait times for tables and check settlement, and eliminate the possibility of card skimming.
  • CarsidePAY– Verifone’s Wi-Fi solutions expand the POS solution to the car to meet the rapidly growing demand for curbside takeout service.
  • DeliveryPAY– Utilizing widely available and dependable CDMA and GPRS cellular networks from major carriers including Verizon, Sprint and Cingular, Verifone Connect brings electronic card payment to the consumer’s door, reducing merchants’ interchange costs, reducing the danger of carrying cash, and increasing consumer convenience.

Verifone is also expanding its Verifone CONNECT offering with additional products and services packaged specifically for the for the CarsidePAY and TablePAY points of service:
  • Manage Payment Servicesgateway powered by IPCharge is a hosted payment solution that allows restaurants utilizing the upcoming Vx 670 system to connect multiple devices to one central server, which eliminates having to separately batch transactions from each individual device. IPCharge provides a wealth of information, such as transactions per server, transactions per device and transactions per table and ensures compliance with payment industry security standards such as the Payment Card Industry's PED and Data Security Standards.
  • ServPOS Payment Softwareis a consumer- and server-friendly application designed to maximize server satisfaction and facilitate consumer interaction with familiar ATM style user interface and simple tip calculation and multi ticket payment options.
  • The Vx 670, which will be formally introduced later this spring, is a remarkably light-weight and stylish fully functional mobile payment system with a rugged case that is impact-resistant and spill-resistant to endure the most demanding conditions.

Verifone CONNECT provides ISOs with the ability to bundle offerings with aggregated services in a single solution – one bill, one point of contact for service and support. For transaction processors, Verifone CONNECT delivers a complete solution that is flexible and easy to integrate, eliminates the need to internally build third-party relationships, interfaces, support, and billing systems, and reduces organizational costs and set up time without giving up control over how customers are serviced and supported.

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