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Verifone Launches EMV Solution for MX870 Multimedia Platform

Verifone Announces EMV Level 2 For MX870 in Europe, Middle East & Africa; Developed with Smart Technology Solutions November 07, 2006 Paris, France
Paris, France - November 7, 2006 - (CARTES 2006, Booth 4 L 014) – Verifone Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PAY; TASE: PAY) today announced the launch of an EMV Level 2-approved solution for the MX870 multimedia platform. The solution, which has been developed in partnership with Smart Technology Solutions Limited (STS), provides retailers with the ability to deploy a single unit offering multimedia interaction with customers as well as an EMV-certified PIN pad. Multi-applications enabled on the MX870 such as EMV, Signature Capture, and advertising and promotion solutions can be managed with the launch of a new tool: Verifone’s VisualPayments Suite. VisualPayments is a set of secure, server-based applications that enables estate and content management of data and applications.

The MX870 merges full-motion video, a 65,536 colour display, high quality digital sound and is PCI PED approved by Visa and MasterCard, delivering a highly secure payments solution in a single, easy-to-use device.

The EMV software solution leverages STS’ SmartNS framework to provide the EMV link to integrated retail systems. Emvelink, STS’ EMV-certified Level 2 application, has recently been updated to include support for multiple languages. “This EMV solution for the MX870, now coupled with Verifone’s powerful VisualPayments Suite, offers exciting possibilities and a new vision in payments for customers with integrated retail systems,” said Nigel Bidmead, managing director for Verifone EMEA. “STS’ significant expertise in delivering solutions quickly to the market and getting them right first time makes them a strong solution partner for Verifone.”

Verifone’s VisualPayments Suite is a powerful set of secure, turnkey software solutions that take full advantage of high-speed IP network connections and utilise browser interfaces for simplified management of retailer payment devices. The Suite consists of four independent, yet easily integrated solutions that empower retailers to manage in-lane systems throughout an entire enterprise and down to an individual lane, or device. DeviceSolutions streamlines the set-up and configuration of the payment devices. SignatureSolutions enables efficient capture, archiving and management of electronic signatures. ContentSolutions provides the first practical, economical way to manage and deliver branding, promotion, and advertising to consumer-facing payment devices. PaymentSolutions provides a powerful payment engine to quickly process credit, debit, check, EBT, and gift card transactions.

“The MX870 is a true innovation in payment devices – there really is nothing else like it currently in the market,” said Cameron Olsen, STS vice president of business development. “Our new EMV solution enables Verifone and STS’ partners to harness the power of this multimedia platform and gain a competitive advantage through quick implementation and fast access to new markets.”

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