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Verifone's VisualPayments Suite Drives Retailer Dataflow

IP Connectivity, Server-based Software Solutions and Web Browser Interfaces Secure, Manage and Empower Consumer-Facing Systems in Checkout Lanes January 16, 2006 New York
New York - January, 16, 2006 -(NRF – Booth #2055) - Verifone Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PAY), today announced the VisualPayments Suite, a set of secure, server-based applications for retailers to easily manage data flow to and from consumer-facing devices in the checkout lane. VisualPayments encompasses four integrated solutions that empower retailers to manage in-lane systems throughout an entire enterprise and down to an individual lane, or device.

VisualPayments provides retailers with turnkey solutions that are easy to install and configure without affecting existing POS infrastructure. The VisualPayments Suite takes full advantage of high-speed network connections and utilizes browser interfaces for simplified management of retailer payment devices. VisualPayments takes full advantage of Verifone’s new multi-media customer terminal, the MX870, but was designed to accommodate other payment devices.

"Verifone is working with retailers to provide end-to-end integrated multimedia payment and business management capabilities from centralized and remote locations down to individual payment devices in the checkout lane," said Bud Waller, Verifone executive vice president, Integrated Solutions.

VisualPayments Modules
The four modules available in the VisualPayments Suite are:
  • DeviceSolutions– for managing device deployment, configuration, remote updates and diagnostics, to reduce the total cost of ownership of in-lane devices. The software provides a global view of an entire payment network, enabling remote troubleshooting, download administration and IP address assignment.

  • ContentSolutions– for delivering branding, promotion, and advertising content directly to consumer-facing payment devices. Unprecedented full-color, full-motion content at the point of sale increases per customer revenue via customer-specific marketing messages and promotions. Media-rich content can be managed from a central location and streamed by region, department, store, or even specific lanes.

  • PaymentSolutions– to support enterprise-wide electronic payments with a comprehensive payment system that assists retailers in meeting the ever changing and complex payment security and privacy issues, including PCI, CISP and PABP requirements, with minimal impact on the existing POS system. PaymentSolutionsis certified with all major processors and complies with the latest Visa CISP PABP guidelines.

  • SignatureSolutions– to maximize return on investment in electronic signature and receipt capture and ease management of dispute resolution. Data is archived on a central server where they can be easily accessed. Retailers can search for receipts using multiple criteria and can track the dispute process with the help of comprehensive reporting and a work queue manager.

Utilizes Existing Infrastructure
VisualPayments software integrates effortlessly with Verifone's MX870 and Omni 7000 family and can be tailored to work with a retailer's existing payment infrastructure, including legacy devices. VisualPayments will run on Linux-based servers, with the Postgres database, that can be located in-store, regionally, or at an enterprise level, and connect directly to in-store payment devices using a high-speed connection.

The VisualPayments Suite consolidates all payment-related functions into a secure, intuitive browser-based user interface and graphic-driven dashboards enable retailers to monitor critical data and manage workflow more efficiently. PaymentSolutions is available now and the other three VisualPayments software solutions will be available over the next two calendar quarters. Pricing is based on an enterprise license.

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