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TLC prepares for Taxi TV's termination by testing tablets with Wi-Fi and valuable apps

Taxi TV, already on the brink of cancellation in the city, could give way to sleek tablets packed with apps — allowing passengers to make restaurant reservations or stream music from the backseat of a cab.... READ MORE August 21, 2016

Our TaxiTV Nightmare Is Coming To An End

In a world of subway shutdowns and Uber's price gouging, TaxiTV has come to feel like a minor transit evil. Yes, its "Bleep Bloop!" triggers a fiery pavlovian rage in all of us, but stabbing the mute button with your pointer finger is all it takes to enjoy a peaceful trip (usually!). On the other hand, if you were feeling lonely on your ride home, TaxiTV was there to keep you company with almost-up-to-date sports and news, and Sigur Ros!... READ MORE August 21, 2016

Verifone, Bank Audi to offer POS payments to Lebanese retailers

Payments and commerce solutions provider Verifone and Bank Audi, Lebanon-based bank, have partnered to provide both countertop and mobile POS solutions to retailers.... READ MORE August 19, 2016

Bank audi and Verifone partner to enable retailers in Lebanon with cashless payment solution

Lebanon is emerging as one of the Middle East’s leading markets introducing innovative cashless payment solutions. As part of the country’s retail infrastructure upgrade, Verifone (NYSE: PAY), a world leader in payments and commerce solutions and Bank Audi, Lebanon’s largest bank, will provide thousands of merchants with point-of-sale (POS) devices designed to bring new payment and commerce capabilities to the country’s expanding retail market.... READ MORE August 19, 2016

Bank Audi And Verifone Partner For Cashless Payments In Lebanon

Lebanon’s largest bank, Bank Audi, and Verifone, a global payments and eCommerce solutions provider, are teaming up to bring cashless payments to one of the Middle East’s largest markets, according to a joint statement issued by both companies on Wednesday (Aug. 17).... READ MORE August 18, 2016
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