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Verifone and ClearONE help Claire’s in Spain look good

  • Claire's: Claire's
  • Business Focus: Retail
  • Headquarters: Spain

"“Verifone is a preferred partner because its solutions are secure, exceptionally reliable and easy to use, which is essential for busy high volume Spanish retailers like Claire’s. Competitively priced, its Vx 810 PIN pad enhances our solution with great functionality, that allows us to explore new customised promotions and loyalty programmes at the POS – ideal for Claire’s young consumer audience."


Paul Zander, general manager
ClearONE, Spain 


Verifone and ClearONE help Claire’s in Spain look good

Claire's is one of the world's leading specialty retailers of fashionable accessories and jewellery at affordable prices for young women, teens, tweens and girls ages 3 to 27. In Spain, it operates more than 200 outlets whose POS have been upgraded with Verifone’s Vx 810 PIN pads by leading Spanish payment gateway ClearONE.

Fast-paced and dynamic, Claire’s in Spain needed to upgrade its payment system to cope with high volumes of transactions particularly during seasonal and product promotions.

Existing POS devices were awkward for the young staff to use and errors often led to loss of income and in-store delays. In addition, connecting direct to the bank, the system had been prone to reoccurring connection problems.

Leading Spanish payments integrator, ClearONE, was tasked with upgrading the system. It looked to partner Verifone for the supply of payment devices.

For almost a decade, ClearONE has provided Spanish companies with Payment Gateway solutions. Partnering with Verifone, ClearONE was able to provide new payment services for Claire’s that included the right PIN pad to optimise POS and operational performance.

The Verifone Vx 810 PIN pad was selected for its ease of use and modular features. Over 400 devices were rolled out across Claire’s 200 Spanish outlets. These were connected direct to ClearONE’s payment gateway to provide a more reliable and secure transaction pathway.

As well as payments, the Vx 810 devices were used to deliver two value added services - complete and real time financial reports; and a Web filter system per card number, customer name and province which allows the customer to participate in customised promotions.

The secure Vx 810 PIN pad proved really easy to set up with advanced features that could be tailored to Claire’s specific retail requirements. For Claire’s fashion conscious shoppers, its stylish looks enhanced the POS while fitting comfortably into the palm of their hands for simple use.

The device also offers high speed processing and ample memory to facilitate new value-added payment applications.

As a result of the successful implementation, Claire ́s has asked ClearONE and Verifone to continue the rollout across other European countries. Together they are now designing a unique cross border solution to meet Claire ́s specifications.

Combined with ClearONE payments services, the new PIN pads have improved connectivity and helped eliminate typing errors and resultant income losses. Providing high levels of security across all payment platforms, Claire’s is realising higher levels of reliability and unlocking new loyalty based service programmes for Claire’s exciting accessory