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Supermarket stores in southern Italy

  • Megamark: Megamark Group
  • Business Focus: Supermarket chain
  • Headquarters: Italy

Verifone's Meal Voucher Solutions simplify our day-to-day work. We are now building an electronic 'e-purse' for voucher top-up, creating a prepaid card. The project will include payment in the same device – Verifone's VX 520 – which is integrated to the cash register and accepts card payment and meal vouchers.

- Michele Caterino, Megamark Group


Verifone Meal Voucher Solutions for Megamark

Megamark Group manages more than 300 supermarket stores in Italian territories. Superstore Famila and Supermarket Dok are brands of the group, offering a large range of Selex products. 


Megamark group was searching for a solution enabling cashiers to validate and manage meal vouchers in a simple and fast way. Paper and electronic voucher management needs intensive work: paper vouchers must be checked, kept and counted every day, collected by/sent to the issuers and then retailers must wait for payment. Megamark wanted to find a solution at the point of sale to validate meal vouchers of different issuers (currently Day Ristoservice, Pellegrini, QUI! Group, Sodexo, e Ristomat) and to create a branded electronic „e-purse‟ card, where meal vouchers can be uploaded and spent in supermarket stores.


With the Verifone Meal Voucher Solution, cashiers can validate via barcode reader the code printed on the voucher. Verifone‟s VX 520 countertop payment device is connected directly to the bar code scanner and gives immediate feedback of validated /non-validated vouchers, thanks to a link to the issuers‟ database. Following this activity, the printed voucher can be destroyed. Megamark management has access to a web portal, where they can review a real-time report showing validated vouchers, separated by issuers, day by day for all point of sales. Invoicing is automatic and issuers receive a detailed report to provide payment.


Verifone‟s Meal Voucher Solution allows Megamark to save time and money on voucher management. Storing, counting and shipping vouchers are no longer necessary. Immediate validation is provided to store management, so they do not risk accepting false vouchers. Megamark installed 300 VX 520 payment devices with integrated barcode reader, covering the Dok and Famila stores in southern Italy. Deployment was completed in May 2012 and Megamark is currently validating 150,000 meal vouchers per month.

Benefits of Verifone Meal Voucher Solutions

  • Saves money and time regarding voucher management 
  • Instant feedback by issuers, avoiding the risk of accepting false vouchers 
  • Real-time reporting and direct invoicing by issuers 
  • Improved payment flow at the point of sale  

Megamark Dok and Famila stores now accept, validate and manage meal vouchers simply and quickly.

Real benefits for:

  • Cashiers: With immediate validation feedback, there is no need to count vouchers at the end of the day 
  • Customers: Shorter queues 
  • Managers: Web portal access, real-time reporting and direct invoicing.