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Setefi, a leader in the Italian acquiring industry with 350.000 payment devices deployed nationally and market share of 20 percent, chooses Verifone’s VX 675 for EXPO Milan.

  • Business Focus: Banking
  • Headquarters: Milan, Italy


EXPO Milan Goes With Setefi and Verifone

During the Universal Exhibition EXPO Milan 2015, Setefi, as the technology partner with Intesa San Paolo, played a crucial role in the planning and delivery of the payment systems for merchants, pavilions and ticket offices on site. Setefi needed to enable merchants to accept card payments from visitors coming from all over the world in an easy, efficient and fast way.


To meet these demands, Setefi chose Verifone’s VX 675 mobile payment device. The VX 675 boasts a small footprint, large colour display, contactless/NFC capability, GPRS connectivity and long-life battery. Thanks to the VX 675, payments were both quick and secure, even for foreign visitors with chip, mag stripe or contactless cards. Selected merchants at EXPO were provided with one or more Verifone devices to streamline the consumer shopping journey, minimize the use of cash and accept cards directly at tables in café and restaurants.


During EXPO approximately 120 VX 675 terminals were used across several pavilions. When interviewing merchants they all gave positive feedback on the usability of the device and confirmed that electronic transactions are growing, even for small transaction amounts.

The benefits of VX 675 

  • One of the smallest footprints on the market, light weight and robust

  • Accept of all types of payment and ability to take payment to the consumer

  • Secure and protected transactions, meets latest PCI security standards