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When London’s Wasabi restaurants wanted to go from cash only to a contactless credit and debit card payment solution, Verifone made it happen.

  • Profile: Wasabi
  • Business Focus: Hospitality - Restaurant
  • Headquarters: London


Enabling Card Payments in London's Busy Business and Tourist Districts


With unique store designs and creative menus, the Wasabi Japanese restaurant chain serves thousands of customers per week in London’s demanding business and tourist districts. Yet, its outdated cash-only system cramped its modern style and resulted in lengthy queues. 

Wasabi wanted to install contactless technology that would enable small-ticket transactions to be processed in less than a half second each, while also improving customer service, reducing queues, increasing footfall and creating another unique aspect of its brand. 


Wasabi’s new Verifone contactless reader offers customers a fast and convenient “wave-and-pay” option for all transactions of £20 and under, with no PIN entry needed. Customers can also choose to perform more traditional credit or debit based transactions via Wasabi’s Secura PIN pad. 

By reducing the percentage of cash transactions, restaurant staff is free to focus on other aspects of customer service, and queues are shorter. Plus, Wasabi’s contactless payment solution meets or exceeds all the latest security standards – for both customer and merchant peace of mind. 


The implementation of Verifone’s contactless reader and Secura PIN pad led to a significant change in the way customers pay at Wasabi. Almost 25% of transactions during the first four weeks of Wasabi’s pilot programme were card based.

The extensive Verifone product portfolio and our reputation as a flexible and dynamic payments solutions partner in the UK are factors in the success of the Wasabi contactless launch. Verifone’s continued commitment to cutting-edge products and the latest security standards make it a top choice for innovative partnerships and solutions throughout the world.