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Red Bone Alley Restaurant and Bar


Red Bone Alley Restaurant and Bar uses VX 670 with ON THE SPOT to boost profits and give customers peace of mind

  • Customer: Red Bone Alley Restaurant and Bar
  • Business Focus: Casual Dining
  • Location: Florence, SC USA

Red Bone Alley Restaurant and Bar

Red Bone Alley Restaurant and Bar uses VX 670 with ON THE SPOT to boost profits and give customers peace of mind

Red Bone Alley Restaurant and Bar, located in Florence, SC, has been serving fresh and innovative South Carolina regional cuisine since 1993. The two-story restaurant features an open atrium, a back porch with glowing lanterns, a children’s area next to a vintage ice cream truck, an upstairs balcony overlooking the alley and a sports bar and grill. Red Bone Alley’s whimsical décor, distinctive cuisine and top-notch service are now complemented by Verifone’s ON THE SPOT payment solution.


Red Bone Alley Restaurant and Bar serves Carolina regional cuisine to a mix of vacationers and residents. The combination of hometown regulars and holiday clientele means that fast, secure payment is paramount to doing good business.

To ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind, Red Bone Alley manager Alan Hyman sought a payment solution that printed secure receipts and allowed customers to maintain control of their cards at all times. The restaurant also wanted to allow PIN-based debit transactions, knowing that PIN debit payments would expand customer payment options and reduce transaction fees.

A pleasant customer experience needed more than just a smile, great food and good service – Red Bone Alley was determined to close out checks faster, offer more choices to customers and guarantee that personal data was secure at all times.


Red Bone Alley implemented Verifone’s ON THE SPOT solution to provide increased transaction security and expanded payment options to its customers. ON THE SPOT delivered a solution tailor-made for restaurants: Verifone’s VX 670, an attractive, sturdy, water-resistant device that prints receipts right at the table, keeping customer’s cards always in sight.

The VX 670’s PIN pad allows wireless PIN-based debit transactions, enabling Red Bone Alley to greatly increase the number of debit card transactions each month and reap the benefits of lower transaction fees.

Benefits of Verifone’s On The Spot Solution

  • Revolutionary wireless design for use at the point of service
  • Remarkably easy to use, compact all-in-one design with built-in printer, optional holster and charging base station for maximum portability
  • Proven consumer-facing ServPOS software provides a flexible, familiar environment and minimized training
  • Includes a web-based service allowing merchants without a Restaurant Management System to add services such as transaction management, consolidation to reporting and auto settlement services
  • Unprecedented security – PCI PED approval by Visa and MasterCard to ensure compliance with the most stringent security standards, and industry benchmark WPA Wi-Fi security meets the latest requirements for wireless devices


An additional unforeseen benefit is an accountant can easily reconcile and reprint any receipts needed for research or chargeback requests. Servers love it, too! They appreciate that the tip is taken at the table and they do not need to add it to the transaction later. In most cases, tips are higher.

Since implementing ON THE SPOT, Red Bone Alley was able to move a significant number of their transactions to debit. If you estimate a savings of 40 cents per PIN transaction compared to credit card processing based on 1000 transactions per month, that’s a reduction in fees of over $300 a month. ROI on the solution was only seven months.

Red Bone Alley’s leadership in the hospitality field has resulted in increased press, with front-page features in the local paper as well as on TV.

Wireless POS PIN Pad at Red Bone Alley