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Zizzi Ristorante Case Study


Pennies, is the digital upgrade of the traditional charity box. Verifone offers the feature as a value add for all current versions of its PAYware Ocius products. The Pennies and Verifone solution has been live with Zizzi since 2013. Zizzi, is a popular chain of Italian restaurants found across the United Kingdom. Since being founded in 1999 Zizzi has grown steadily, with 136 restaurants now in the UK.

  • Business Focus: Hospitality/Restaurant
  • Headquarters: UK

Zizzi Ristorante Case Study

Pennies and Verifone enable charity donations at Zizzi


The way we shop and pay for goods is evolving resulting in consumers and retailers expecting more from their payment infrastructure. As a result Zizzi’s began looking for new ways to engage their customer with charities beyond the traditional option of placing charity boxes on counter. Zizzi wanted an easy way for their customers to get involved in their CSR activity and a simple way to boost overall funds raised for charities.


Verifone introduced Pennies in all current versions of its PAYware Ocius products as an added feature for customers in the retail and hospitality sector. PAYware Ocius allows customers to very quickly introduce the digital charity box. All that is required is a simple change to configuration options to allow Pennies to be switched on. As soon as Pennies is enabled donations can begin coming through and reporting of donations collected is easily achieved via WebCom. Everywhere it has been introduced donations have been made, adding up to significant amounts.


Pennies solution in PAYware Ocius has enabled Zizzi to boost their giving for charity partners. Cancer Research UK is the latest charity to benefit. It was introduced as the beneficiary of Pennies in Zizzi in May 2014 and £100,000 was raised in the first 8 months. Each donation is just 25p. The ease of use has ensured a steady stream of donations with an average of £3,500 being raised every week across the chain’s 136 restaurants. Verifone has ensured that the request for donations appears after the request for a tip, to prevent any fears of this having an impact on waiting staff tips.