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Payment Solutions

Enhance your restaurant POS with
secure, durable and even mobile solutions.

Creating finer dining experiences with durable and secure
mobile POS solutions.

Your patrons increasingly expect convenient and secure payment solutions when dining out. Mobile technologies continue to grow in popularity. Meet patrons at the intersection of great experience and secure payment. Whether using NFC-enabled systems enabling smartphone payment, or mobile devices equipped to accept chip and PIN (EMV) or traditional swipe for travelers, you not only serve them. You accommodate them.

  • Convenience and mobility for enhanced patron experience
  • Accommodate coupons and loyalty programs
  • Security for business and patrons alike
  • Improved efficiency, reduced compliance costs

Increasingly, your patrons expect an enhanced experience through improving payment and self-service technologies. Whether table service or quick service and drive-through restaurants, you can meet their expectations. Our restaurant POS systems enable customers to quickly and safely pay with whatever method is most convenient for them.

Our customer-facing payment solutions provide secure, NFC-capable, EMV-capable and traditional swipe payment acceptance that is fully integrated to your business systems. So you enjoy enhanced efficiency and reporting capabilities. Our managed services programs can create custom solutions for your needs. Bundle hardware, software, security and services into one cost-effective, secure and easy-to-budget solution.


Improve Efficiency and Security

Accept NFC, EMV and swiped payments right at the table. Rugged portable restaurant POS solutions include options for tips, loyalty programs and more.

Improve POS Security

Decreasing or eliminating the money carried by your servers and others reduces concerns about balancing cash drawers, theft, safety of personnel and guests, and other risk-management issues.

Reduce PCI Compliance Burden

Effectively eliminate cardholder data from your enterprise with the most advanced cardholder data security protection. We offer the industry’s most complete end-to-end POS security solutions.

Streamline Operations and Efficiency

Quick and secure payment at the counter, drive through or even self-service kiosks. Convenient and secure mobile payments increase your throughput and reduce your customers’ wait times.

Increase Tip Averages

Integrated tip options give patrons an easy way to calculate and add a tip right on the mobile restaurant POS system. Your staff will certainly appreciate the average tip size increase.


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We were looking for payments and security expertise, and Verifone provided the knowledge and technology to support our efforts

- Pablo Corona
Arcos Dorados Systems Director
South Division of Latin America