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Flexible Payments, Faster Processing

To be competitive, merchants must meet consumer demand for flexible payment options and faster processing. The H5000 is a hybrid payment system with an integrated PIN pad designed to give consumers what they want and more. It accommodates multiple payment types: authenticated legacy magnetic stripe, EMV chip, and contactless transactions with a single hybrid card slot and an integrated contactless card reader.

The H5000 is the next-is-now generation of purchase processing applications and services. Complete with an easy-to-use interface to enhance the consumer buying experience, the H5000 is equipped with future-ready features that allow developers to create applications to meet consumer needs. 

Key Benefits:

All-In-One Hybrid Device

Reads both magnetic stripe and chip card transactions using a single card reader, allowing merchants to offer a flexible card payment solution. All payment options are processed quickly and securely.

Icon Touch Screen

The large LCD color display and adjustable backlighting allows for on-screen advertising opportunities for merchants. The icon touch screen and intuitive user interface is consumer friendly.

Speed and Security

The powerful 32-bit processor quickly and securely processes card payment transactions, minimizing cardholder wait time. The H5000 comes with an integrated privacy shield to protect cardholder PIN entry.