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Multimedia Consumer-Facing Devices

MX 860

High-volume Consumers, High-value Services

A store packed with shoppers is a merchant's dream. Prepare for the dream with the MX 860, a payments solution for high-volume lanes with a fast processor and ample memory. Its 480x272 resolution color screen features full-motion video for promotions and digital signage applications. The brilliant display promotes revenue generation and high-value services such as gift card purchase or reload, price checker, product locator, loyalty program enrollment, contracts or instant credit applications.

Combined with the new MX 800 Series printer and scanner and multiple connectivity options, it includes power over Ethernet, WiFi, USB and various serial interfaces. With a secure browser platform, the MX 860 provides the versatility, performance and functionality that speeds consumers through lanes.

Key Benefits:

Display that Dazzles

Large screen area efficiently accommodates optional signature capture, coupled with scrolling receipts and branding or suggestive selling. Brilliant graphics draw attention to value-added applications such as loyalty, gift card sales and reloading.

Long Lasting Investment

Modular NFC/contactless design gives merchants and retailers the flexibility to easily expand capabilities at any time to cost effectively meet changing requirements.

Complete Package

MX 800 Series hardware and peripherals are interchangeable, offering a wide variety of connectivity options. Web Development Environment (WDE) makes development of customer interfaces easy, and increases the capabilities of the MX 860 while reducing the overall development effort.