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Multimedia Consumer-Facing Devices

MX 870

Attract Consumers with Video, Sound, Simple Payments

Offer consumers more with the MX 870’s 65,000 color display, video capabilities, high-quality sound and complete payment security - all from a single, easy-to-use networked device.

Merchants can express their brand, reinforce promotional campaigns or deliver special offers and cross-promotions right to their customers at the point of sale.

Going well beyond standard PIN pad technology, the PCI PTS 2.X-approved MX 870 meets industry security requirements. Consumers can complete transactions while watching a video or other branded digital content, optimizing their time in front of the MX 870. 

Key Benefits:

Secure, Elegant and Flexible

Ideal platform for a variety of value-added applications, such as administrating loyalty schemes, gift card issuance, and top-up services, all bringing additional value and payment options to your customers.

Show Beautiful Messages

Attractive compact footprint, optional speakers and illuminated magnetic stripe prompt grab consumers’ attention in any environment. Backed by 128 MB of memory, screens instantly refresh for compelling end-user messaging.

Customizable, Lasting Solutions

Modular NFC/contactless design gives merchants the flexibility to expand capabilities to cost effectively meet changing requirements. Web Development Environment (WDE) makes development of customer interfaces easy, supports a variety of programming languages, and increases the capabilities of the MX 870 while reducing the overall development effort.