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Multimedia Consumer-Facing Devices

MX 880

Multimedia Attraction Leads to Consumer Interaction

The MX 880 is a multimedia solution that delivers high-impact promotions and value-added applications while securely processing payments in most consumer situations, from high-volume attended lanes to self-service checkouts and kiosks. The MX 880's ¼" VGA, 5.7" TFT color screen with full-motion video is sure to keep your customers' attention.

The MX 880's large, full-motion video display utilizes multimedia for revenue-driving promotions, branding and messaging to grab consumers' interest. The device comes with multiple payment solutions that support the buying needs of virtually any customer. It also includes peripherals for browser-based self-service kiosks and payment stations so merchants can interact with shoppers throughout the store and in any shopping environment.

Key Benefits:

Bright, Beautiful Media Display

The large screen area accommodates optional signature capture, coupled with scrolling receipts, branding and suggestive selling. The backlit ¼” VGA display supports 65,536 vivid colors giving merchants flexibility and brilliant graphics to develop branding campaigns and revenue-generating promotions.

Fast and Flexible

The fast processor and ample memory bring promotions to life with animation and full-motion video. The bi-directional magnetic stripe card reader minimizes re-swiping and keeps lanes moving.

MX All-in-the-family Solutions

From gift card sales and reload to credit applications, contracts and disclosures and more, MX 800 Series devices can be deployed in virtually endless combinations.