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PINpad 1000SE

Offer Consumers PIN Entry Payments

Verifone's best-selling PINpad 1000SE is a solution that offers cost-effective PIN-based transactions, offering consumers a simple and convenient way to pay. Now you can give consumers options.

Enhanced with a redesigned ergonomic grip, it's easy to hold. A larger display offers graphics capabilities to support multiple languages. The oversized keys minimize entry errors and speed up the payment process. The PINpad 1000SE is a time-tested and reliable payment solution - it's the idal drop-in replacement for a previous PIN-based device. 

Key Benefits:

Compatible & Adaptable

Fully backwards compatible with previous PINpad 1000SE models and NURIT 222 devices. USB and serial port connectivity for PCs, ECRs and existing POS devices.

Efficient Design

Handheld or countertop device with base that can be used with existing cables and hardware, minimizing additional expenses. Function keys can be programmed as “hot” keys for special tasks, saving clerks time.