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UX 110

Self Service, Well Served

Ideal for self-service, high-transaction-volume environments like on-street parking meters, petroleum pumps and ticketing machines, the UX 110 unattended PIN pad offers a flexible, secure payment option that enhance your payment system with PIN handling.

With its rugged metal front plate and weatherproof enclosure, the UX 110 has highest-level protection from rain, dirt, dust and other detrimental substances. And its anti-vandalism enclosure can withstand exceptionally high impact.

Simple and seamless to integrate, the UX 110 features flexible configuration settings with Verifone’s UX 200, UX 210 and UX 300, as well as an easy, single cable connection. Compatible with many point-of-sale host protocols, and equipped with a powerful controller for maximum transaction speed, the UX 110 is ready to take your unattended transactions to the next level.

Key Benefits:

Maximum Security

The UX 110 is equipped with the latest PCI 3.X security standard.It supports a secured link between the UX 300 to guarantee secure display messages, as well as PIN- and keyboard entry.

Easy Integration

Bus-powered USB slave device offers easy installation. And the UX 110 offers flexible configuration settings with UX 200, UX 210 and UX 300 with a simple, single cable connection between UX devices.

Boost the Experience

Customize the UX 110 PIN pad with laser engraving. Maximize transaction speeds with a powerful controller.

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Unlocking the Potential for Unattended Payments

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