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MagIC Management System

Device Management System for MagIC3 Solutions

With standard components like Cisco access servers and IP-based communications, the MagIC Management System (MMS) makes it possible to manage a heterogeneous POS device estate as a whole, using only the modules you require and without the need for proprietary hardware and interfaces. MMS it spans every phase of the device life cycle, from initialization through software migration and helpdesk support to swap-out.

As with any solution management system, the goal is to minimize onsite interventions - the key to a cost-effective POS management strategy. Unlike the many proprietary solutions on the market, MMS uses only standard interfaces and communications protocols, so delivering software upgrades across a diverse POS device estate is simplicity itself. And because it’s IP-based, it’s ready for whatever the future may bring, in terms of new POS device developments. Modular design means your MMS is sized to match your precise requirements – you only pay for what you need.