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Payment Processing Software

Secure Payments on Your PC

Payment Processing Software

Welcome to a new world of payment transactions, where businesses can provide consumers with a variety of fast and secure electronic payment processing options through the convenience of their PC. Merchants can easily process a variety of payment types: credit, debit, loyalty, stored value, gift, purchasing cards (levels II and III), checks, EBT, and more. With so many options, Verifone can help you run your businesses faster and more efficiently than ever before, while offering consumers a safe and convenient payment experience.

More Payment Options

Verifone’s payment software solutions are offered in different forms: PC-based, payment gateway and OS independent solutions, to meet the needs of all types of businesses: store fronts, service providers, e-commerce, and others.

Easy Record Management

Payment software helps businesses manage customer records, schedule recurring payments, and set up contracts. Customer information can be maintained on the PC for a streamlined, uncluttered work space.

Security Compliance

Our Windows-based, easy-to-use payment software solutions meet PCI compliance and offer secure and immediate payments.