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V/OS Operating System

Best-in-class Security Paired
with a Common, Open Architecture

For the latest in flexibility and security, Verifone is proud to offer V/OS – our latest operating system that supports a wide range of applications, technologies and rich media content including video, audio and animation. This hardware-independent operating system can reduce application development costs as well as reduce the time to market to deliver new applications and innovations. V/OS was designed to meet market and customer requirements.

V/OS provides best-in-class security with the most broadly used encryption algorithm for payments. The Linux-based open architecture supports a multi-user, multi-task environment. Easily scale your business to new segments with the ability to support mobile, customer-facing and transportation environments and more.


Write, develop, debug and roll out applications faster than ever. Keep pace with rapid technical innovations.

Best-in-class Security

This operating system is highly secure with the highest degree of quality and reliability. It is PCI and SRED compliant.


V/OS Supports a variety of programming languages and adapts to new market trends faster with a common, open architecture.