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Wide-Reaching Solutions Pack a Big Punch

As consumers shift to electronic transactions in taxicabs, at gas pumps and other locations, Verifone Media Solutions is there to deliver dynamic and interactive campaigns for businesses across all industry verticals.

Verifone Media Solutions provides solutions that bridge the gap for both media partners and advertisers, as well as retailers and consumers, through the use of dynamic, relevant and targeted multimedia engagements.  And when these interactions take place at the POS where consumers are already poised for payment, businesses can experience measurable results.

From media signage on taxis, to point-of-sale multimedia interaction, to real-time offers and discounts at the register, Verifone allows retails to connect with customer like never before.

Traditional Out-of-Home Taxi Solutions

Showcase your brand where people work, shop and play with Verifone taxi tops and graphic wraps. From eye-catching 3D tops and traditional toppers to 4-door and full wraps, Verifone Out-of-Home Taxi Solutions extend your reach both night and day.

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Payment-Enabled Media

Discover the powerful combination of secure payments and digital advertising at the POS. Verifone’s payment-enabled multimedia POS solutions transform transactions into engaging customer interactions, creating meaningful and profitable connections at the POS.

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Verifone Digital Network – VNET

Make the most of dwell time in taxis and at gas pumps with VNET – delivering messages right on the payment device, right at the moment of purchase decisions. 

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Media Convenience

Create an upsell opportunity at every transaction with LiftRetail, Verifone’s real-time marketing system. Empower your crew with offers customized to every shopper at the point of sale, making suggestive selling simple and successful. 

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