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Payment-Enabled Media

Dynamic POS Engagement

Turn transactions into engaging customer interactions with Verifone’s payment-enabled services. By transforming the POS into an intelligent checkout, merchants can boost sales with value-added services and additional revenue opportunities.

  • Add value to every point of customer contact with integrated, multimedia signage
  • Streamline POS interaction with mobile wallet and NFC acceptance
  • Deliver relevant brand messages, promotional offers and coupons at the POS
  • Benefit from end-to-end, PCI-compliant payment security

This flexible solution is designed for easy integration of new apps and features as they become available. With the ability to adapt to ever-evolving technologies, payment-enabled services are future-enabled investments, keeping the POS ever current.

Elevating the POS across Industry Verticals

Verifone’s payment-enabled services maximize POS opportunities across a host of industries, including:

  • Taxi
    Transform your business and passenger experience with secure, advanced payment processing and multimedia messaging
  • Retail
    Deliver targeted offers, engaging content and third-party promotions to boost sales and enhance the customer experience.
  • SMB
    Take transactions to the next level by integrating traditional payment with non-traditional, payment-enabled media like coupons and proximity-payment-based services that accommodate mobile phones.

Reach Customers at the Point of Decision

Media partners and advertisers benefit from highly targeted and high reach opportunities from Verifone’s payment-enabled media.

  • Leverage POS signage to build your brand, inform and entertain a captive audience
  • Stream engaging digital advertising content on our multimedia POS systems via Verifone Digital Network (VNET)
  • Deliver customized advertising to a captive audience via geotargeting and dayparting