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Empowering Mobile Commerce

Embrace Mobile to Expand Opportunities

Grow business simply, seamlessly and brilliantly with Verifone mobile solutions. With millions of global interactions already at the point of sale, Verifone mobile solutions empower mobile commerce by simplifying the integration of mobile devices, software and platforms. 

Business, Transformed

It’s not just for consumers anymore. Forward-thinking businesses are leveraging the innovation of mobile technology to transform business. Verifone’s comprehensive portfolio of mobile solutions make it simple to enhance operations, improve customer service, build loyalty and boost the bottom line.

Everywhere Mobile

With a presence in virtually every corner of the world, Verifone is the global leader in enabling businesses to successfully leverage mobile payment technology. Verifone offers a wide range of solutions that impact and influence every facet of mobile commerce, including mobile payment, mobile retail, mobile platforms and social applications.

Whether your business is just embarking on a mobile strategy or expanding your existing point-of-sale (POS) capabilities, Verifone offers a complete suite of solutions from mobile retail software applications and payment devices to a mobile marketing platform and mobile apps. We provide the flexibility to choose the service or solutions to meet your needs. View the video and access the resources below to learn more.

Empowering Mobile Payment

Accept payments anywhere and everywhere with Verifone’s unsurpassed suite of mobile payment solutions. Continually innovating new ways to pay – from smartphone sleeves and audio jack devices to tablet sleeves with and without barcode scanners – Verifone empowers businesses to capture customers and sales like never before. 

Empowering Mobile Retail

Create powerful and profitable customer relationships through enhanced personalized customer service. With Verifone’s mobile retail software applications, the lines between the physical and online store are blurred, allowing sales staff to fulfill customer needs, on the spot.

Empowering Smarter Stores

Create, design and innovate with Verifone’s open platform. From apps to mobile wallets and mobile marketing programs, Verifone’s open platform allows for implementation and testing of new technologies with minimal interruption to business.