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Create powerful and profitable customer relationships through enhanced personalized customer service. With Verifone’s mobile retail software applications, the lines between the physical and online store are blurred, allowing sales staff to fulfill customer needs, every time.

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Powering the Revolution

All new shopping experiences for consumers meets all new opportunities for businesses, and it’s all made possible by Verifone’s mobile retail applications. Verifone mobile software is driving mobile commerce, reimagining the way business is conducted and reinventing customer interactions. 

Leverage Verifone’s gateway services and system solutions and gain greater insights from robust analytics, reporting and monitoring tools.
NFC, EMV, mobile wallets — with Verifone you can accept whatever your customers choose to use.
Easily integrate mobile technology in new and existing business system applications.

Omni-channel Shopping

Now retailers can blend the online and physical retail worlds to build their brand and deliver consistent online and in-store experiences.

Flexible Payment Options

Traditional plastic, NFC or mobile wallets — however customers choose to pay, it’s accepted and enabled by Verifone.

Repeat Customers

With Verifone software solutions, retailers can develop and deploy successful promotions, customer rewards and loyalty programs to encourage repeat business.

Endless Opportunity

Whether on a sidewalk or in the aisle, Verifone mobile applications are changing the way consumers browse, shop and engage with sales associates at every turn.

  • Personalized Shopping

    Encourage meaningful interactions with each and every consumer by quickly and easily accessing purchase histories and preferences. Verifone applications enable customized, personalized interactions for cross-selling, upselling and boosting brand loyalty.  

  • Anywhere Payments

    Now sales associates are free to move about the store. Today’s transactions can happen quickly and efficiently with Verifone’s mPOS solutions that take service to a higher level.

  • Inventory Management

    Gain instant visibility to in-store inventory and save valuable manpower hours while improving efficiency, all with Verifone’s real-time inventory management software application. Coupled with a tablet, it’s a virtual and portable sales assistant.

Personal Shopping: Tablet Retailing

Engage customers with personalized interaction and additional point-of-sale options using our mobile retail solutions. Our mobile retail software provides added convenience without adding additional sales associates.


  • Retailers are deploying mobile apps to speed up services and transform the customer experience, leveraging secure mobile payment, online catalogs and streamlined inventory management.

    Jennifer Miles - President, Verifone Americas

  • On a global scale, the 2013 Deloitte Global Powers of Retailing report stated that ‘the transformation of the retail store begins with a deep understanding of the customer, and a strategy to personalize the experience at every point of interaction.

    Deepak Wanner, “Global Tech Trends Update: Know Thy Customer”, Transaction World Magazine, May 2013

  • 32 percent of U.S. merchants with more than 500 employees have already deployed mPOS, while 29 percent plan to do so within the next 12 months.

    Yankee Group IT Decision-maker Survey, March 2013

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