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Create, design and innovate with Verifone’s open platform. From apps to mobile wallets and mobile marketing programs, Verifone’s open platform allows for implementation and testing of new technologies with minimal interruption to business.

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Mobile Wallets Supported

Add mobile wallets with ease. Rely on Verifone’s respected industry leadership and global footprint for successful wallet development and deployment. Verifone currently enables 80% of all retailers taking mobile wallet payments from Google, Apple Pay, Softcard and PayPal.

Mobile Innovation

Open for Innovation

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Verifone’s open API delivers the opportunity for customized programming and development. Explore the benefits of writing applications with an open platform that fits a business’ specific needs. 

Multiple Options

Platform for Co-existing Solutions

The Verifone platform is developer agnostic to allow different companies' solutions to co-exist at the point of sale. This approach leads to a richer POS with endless options for payment, loyalty, promotion and innovation from both veteran companies and newcomers.


Global Distribution

With millions of POS systems deployed around the globe, Verifone offers unparalleled global distribution for partner apps and mobile wallets.

Proven Apps

No matter the industry, discover the apps your business needs within Verifone’s wide range of certified existing applications.


Custom Apps

Meet specific business demands by partnering with Verifone to develop tailored industry-specific apps to drive business forward. 

Mobile Device Compatible

Device Friendly

Whatever major operating system your business runs on, Verifone accepts it. Apple®, Windows® or Android™ — Verifone has apps for everyone.

Up to Date

Always Up To Date

Ongoing updates and maintenance releases help keep payment systems and apps in compliance.


Maintain Peace of Mind

No more compliance hassles. No more update concerns. Verifone apps are automatically updated to keep business running smoothly and in compliance, with minimal interruptions and without giving it a second thought.

Mobile Marketing Platform

Create timely ads and promotions with the precision targeting of Verifone’s Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP). Verifone’s MMP allows mobile network operators to expand marketing reach and leverage the benefits of mobile technology by reaching consumers at the time of purchase. The platform delivers coupons, promotions and loyalty offers to mobile devices based on geo-targeted purchase history and demographic data.

  • Simply Smarter

    Deliver more intelligent marketing campaigns that employ a powerful mix of data including geo-targeting, contextual purchase history and demographics.

  • Boost Efficiency

    Leverage Verifone’s self-service tools to control the distribution and management of marketing campaigns, saving time and money.

  • Increase Loyalty

    Personalize promotions for mobile devices and connect with consumers on an individual level, encouraging repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

  • Direct to Consumer

    Deliver coupons, promotions and loyalty offers through any Trusted Service Manager (TSM) directly to a consumer’s mobile phone. 

  • Seamless Redemption

    Enhance the customer experience by offering seamless redemption of offers and coupons.

Emerging Technologies

Stay on the forefront of new technologies by being proactive and engaged in the adoption of innovations. Verifone is continually bringing the next level of security, interaction and connectivity between businesses and consumers. 


NFC Ready

Meet the growing consumer demand for Near Field Communication (NFC)/contactless. Most Verifone devices are NFC enabled. Millions have been shipped and deployed in dozens of countries around the world.


EMV Enabled

Verifone leads the world in EMV-enabled mobile POS systems for global deployment of mobile chip and PIN acceptance.



To simplify the integration of mobile smartphones and tablets in a variety of business environments, Verifone devices are designed for flexibility with multiple connectivity options.


  • As retailers and brands combine loyalty programs, payment options, and contextual marketing in their mobile applications they will truly be able to offer the right message to the right person at the right time and place.

    David Sikora, CEO and founder, Digby

  • Mobile should be used as a strategic lever to boost sales across the business.

    Deloitte Digital, “The Dawn of Mobile Influence”

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