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Payment Transaction Security

Trusted Leader in Payment Security

Protecting Client Brand and Reputation

Attacks on security can permanently damage the relationship between merchants and their customers. No organization is immune–large or small. We provide clients expert counsel along with an unmatched line of EMV-compliant hardware and software, as well as comprehensive encryption and tokenization solutions, which are used by many of the world’s most trusted brands.

We meet the security needs of clients by:

  • Adhering to the latest global and regional standards in card data security
  • Helping our clients mitigate risk and reduce transaction vulnerabilities
  • Offering a multi-layered approach to security to deflect threats from multiple vectors

Verifone offers comprehensive services that help take the complexity out of maintaining compliance and security. Our solutions help reduce the scope and cost of maintaining PCI compliance enabling our clients to focus on serving customers and growing their business.


Payment Security Leadership

At Verifone, payment security has been our number one priority since our inception 33 years ago and we tightly integrate security into every part of our business. As the first device manufacturer on the PCI Security Standards Council Board of Advisors, we helped to create payment security standards followed by businesses everywhere. We adhere to global and regional payment security standards including EMV, PCI, and Germany's ZKA. We have direct relationships with the biggest brands, expert staff that serve on compliance councils, and we even engage with other security insiders to proactively identify new risks.

Multi-layered Security

To provide complete protection against ever-expanding threats, we offer a multiple layers of security technology that protects payment data regardless of how the transaction is made.  Beyond physical security for a POS device, we employ logical security and standards-based security for data in use, in transit and at rest to provide the highest levels of security.


VeriShield Total Protect

Protect sensitive cardholder data, whether your customers are using NFC-enabled devices, chip and PIN (EMV) or traditional mag-stripe cards. Provide peace of mind to customers and reduce your PCI compliance scope. Learn More

VeriShield Remote Key

Remotely and securely manage key injection, using on and offline methods. Your PIN pad devices will never have to leave their locations, decreasing downtime and the risk of fraud. Learn More

VeriShield Retain

Our file authentication software provides protection against unauthorized access to payment devices, while also securely accommodating applications developed by trusted third parties. Learn More

Secure Commerce Architecture

This solution redirects the flow of sensitive payment data, taking the retailer’s POS system out of scope for EMV certification, and out of the risk chain for hackers. Learn More