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Secure Commerce Architecture

For a More Secure POS

Decoupling Payment Data
from the POS

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Payment Security Models:
Old vs. New

Verifone is challenging the traditional payment model.  Historically, payment data is transmitted through a retailer's POS system, which has become the target of several recent data breaches. With Verifone’s Secure Commerce Architecture solution, payment data goes directly from the terminal to the processor, without ever passing through the POS system.


Secure Commerce Architecture (SCA) Animation

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Greatly Enhanced Security

By removing sensitive data from passing through the retailer’s integrated POS system, sensitive card data is never stored or accessible in one place for hackers.

Simplified EMV Certification

With EMV mandates just around the corner in the United States, merchants are going to have a new certification to obtain. Removing the POS from the scope of the certification eases the process significantly, greatly reducing complexity and burden for the merchant.

Non-Payment Data is Properly Routed

Non-payment data, such as loyalty program information, remains properly routed from the terminal to the POS system.