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VeriShield Remote Key

Secure Key Injection. Anytime. Anywhere.

Remotely and securely manage key injection, using on and offline methods. Your PIN pad devices will never have to leave their locations, decreasing downtime and the risk of fraud. Leverage this technology to load your debit keys, VeriShield Total Protect encryption keys and more.

Using asymmetric encryption to strengthen security, VeriShield Remote Key (VRK) is industry compliant with (ASC) X-9 TG-3/TR-39 guidelines for online PIN security and key management.  

Key Injection Flexibility

Download and deploy new encryption keys, on your schedule. VRK supports debit keys, VSS keys, VTP encryption keys and more.

Convenience and Security

Quickly respond to a suspected security breach, stay current with compliance standards or simply update keys as part of normal operating procedures. VeriShield Remote Key streamlines the critical, process-intensive task of key management.

Compliant Above and Beyond

Working with industry groups like the Accredited Standards Committee, VRK exceeds industry requirements and meets voluntary guidelines such as ASC X-9/TG-3 Retail Financial Services Compliance Guidelines for key management.