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Building the Next Generation of
Simple, Safe
Commerce Solutions.

Our vision is to securely connect the devices within our payment ecosystem to cloud-based services whenever and wherever possible.

With two-way connected communications, POS systems can help grow sales through targeted media, omni-channel experiences and exciting new commerce solutions.

This isn’t a vision for the future. It’s happening now.

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A Globally Connected Solution, Open to Integration.

At the core of the Verifone payment ecosystem is our secure, scalable framework. Our commitment to open standards fosters global collaboration. Our hardware and software architecture, in combination with new development tools, enable more efficient integration. And new partnerships with some of the most progressive companies in payments and commerce further drive innovation and integration.

The true measure of our framework is the long-term value of the connected solutions we help create. The long-term result is a world-class platform capable of supporting the ingenuity that’s shaping the future of commerce.

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Building Devices People Trust and Love to Own and Use.

At Verifone, we see a terminal not simply as an endpoint, but as an important starting point to greater value in the new world of connected commerce. We offer a broad selection of next-generation devices that address all segments of the market, featuring simple, elegant user interfaces that invite interaction. They look great, set a new standard for security and reliability and accommodate any technology merchants or consumers may desire — now or in the future.

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This is Not Just a Terminal.
This is Just the Beginning.

Payment Complexities Simplified Across Sales Channels.

Payment-as-a-Service solutions simplify the challenge of keeping pace with changing payment demands.

Cloud services can reduce the risks of continually reinvesting in your tangible estate, create opportunities to more efficiently take advantage of the latest innovations, and leverage Verifone’s flexibility and scale.

Plus, connections enable multi-channel solutions, create unparalleled security with end-to-end encryption, and facilitate more active relationships between acquirers, developers, processors and merchants. In short – Verifone payment services help deliver simplicity and peace of mind.

Innovations that Excite.

In a world of connected solutions, merchant transactions are no longer just about transactions. Payments, commerce and personal communications are converging – and Verifone is opening the doors to next-generation opportunities.

Innovations in media on terminals, pay-with-points , beacon networks and card-linked offers, are just a sampling of new commerce-enabling applications we are excited about.

Connected solutions will also help make Omni Commerce a reality. To help merchants know customers the moment they walk into their stores. To arm sales people beyond the checkout lane with customer information. And to quickly and easily discern trends and insights from interactions.

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